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Reneé Appears On Chef Viviane Howard’s Show “Somewhere South”
Reneé appears on Chef Viviane Howard’s show “Somewhere South”

You can watch the clip below.  Fast-forward to to the 21:00 minute…

Strickland Exports Overcomes Challenges In Exporting Cattle
Strickland Exports Overcomes Challenges in Exporting Cattle

Excerpt from: James A. Jones, Jr. https://www.bradenton.com/news/business/article242348741.html Brokering an international cattle deal…

Where Are The Leading Farmers Feeding The World?
Where are the leading farmers feeding the world?

Farm Journal Foundation's Farmers Feeding the World is a national network of…

Reneé is a 4th generation cattle rancher in Florida. Her father was the manager of one of the largest ranches in Florida containing over 90,000 acres, that, at one time, had over 16,000 head of cattle. She grew up riding and working on the ranch with her father.  Today, she and her partner, Jim have a commercial cow/calf herd and a small herd of “cracker cattle” (Reneé’s hobby) on their ranch in Southwest Florida.

Reneé’s love for horses makes for another specialty for their export business. She has always had good ranch horses and access to good ranch horses and her prior rodeo experience keeps her in touch with good roping and barrel horses and her passion for playing polo and fox hunting offers another market to polo ponies and hunter/jumper horses as well as warm bloods.

Reneé Strickland

Reneé Strickland

Used heavy equipment and farm equipment as well as hay and feed are also specialties.  We have an expert on heavy equipment that is able to find and thoroughly check out used equipment to ship from anywhere in the US.

Reneé serves on the USDA Agriculture Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) and is a rancher with the Farm Journal Foundation’s 501c3 “Farmer’s Feeding the World”. She is the immediate past President of the Livestock Exporters Association of the US, and past Secretary/Treasurer of the Livestock Exporters Association of the US and also chairman of the Foreign Trade subcommittee for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

The exporting business started as a result of her love for travel and visiting ranches and farms in other countries. Renee’ says “It seems that no matter what language you speak, when you are in agriculture, everyone speaks the same language.”

She has been traveling to and exporting all kinds of livestock to other countries, including cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs as well as equipment, feed and hay. She feels it is a real pleasure to get to meet people in agriculture in other countries and to share different ideas, cultures and learn about different breeds of animals. We can all learn from each other!